Time to Remove Semi-Private Hospital Coverage

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Retirement Saving Review – Its time !!

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Health Care Spending Account – A Great Option!!

Are you looking for flexible options outside of your traditional health and dental plans?  Health Care Spending Accounts may be the answer.


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Federal government changes EI maximum


As follow up to our video post about waiting period changes to EI for Jan 1 2017.  The federal government has also recently announced an increase in the employment insurance (EI) maximum insurable earnings amount and a corresponding increase in the EI weekly maximum benefit. Effective January 1, 2017, maximum insurable earnings will increase to $51,300 per year.

Accordingly, the new maximum EI benefit amount will be $543 per week ($51,300 at 55 per cent, over 52 weeks). Short-term disability (STD) plans that have a maximum set at the EI maximum, rather than at a specific amount, will automatically increase effective January 1.

If your plan has a specific dollar maximum that’s less than $543 per week, and you participate in the EI premium reduction program, you’ll need to amend your plan to a weekly benefit of at least $543 weekly in order to remain eligible for the program. If your STD plan has a specific dollar maximum and you participate in the EI premium reduction program, you may want to amend your plan so the benefit maximum is automatically adjusted to the EI maximum. This will avoid the need for future amendments whenever the EI maximum changes.



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Changes to EI mean changes to your Short & Long Term Disability

EI changes in 2017

Kirk gives an overview of the changes in EI in the last federal budget.  This will result in changes that need to be made in short and long term disability policy as a result.


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BENSPlus First Year Anniversary

We have just finished our first year of Marketing the BENSPlus Benefit plan.  We are very proud of the results.  The program has excelled for two key reasons.  The first is that we went into this with a vision to put the local Chamber in control of its plan, and two….the BENS plan is exceptional!

Thanks to the AVCC for putting your belief in BEN and their trust in my team!  We have only just begun!


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Welcome to Our Blog

Check back often to stay up to date with our latest news.

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