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For AVCC members and potential members!!!  Kirk tells us about Ben

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2019 Women of Excellence Awards


AVCC is pleased to present Women of Excellence, an event that recognizes women in the Annapolis Valley who pursue excellence in their respective fields and in the community. In their pursuit of excellence, they are improving the lives of others through their leadership, volunteerism, entrepreneurial spirit, and mentorship.

On June 14, 2019, the Valley will come together in celebration and recognition of the award winners at Fountain Commons, Acadia University, for an elegant and exciting recognition event.

***We are now accepting nominations across the following 5 categories***:

– Business Women of The Year
– Mentor of The Year
– Community Leader for Betterment
– Pioneer Award
– Home-Based Business Excellence

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Time to Remove Semi-Private Hospital Coverage

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Retirement Saving Review – Its time !!

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Should Employers fund 100% of Plan Costs?


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Health Care Spending Account – A Great Option!!

Are you looking for flexible options outside of your traditional health and dental plans?  Health Care Spending Accounts may be the answer.

Want to know more contact Kirk at or 1-800-363-3043

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Plan Eligibility Requirements – 31 is Key!

  • Employees that have met the plan eligibility requirements must be added within 31 days of their eligibility date
  • New spouses must be added within 31 days of date of marriage
  • New dependent babies must be added within 31 days of their date of birth or within 31 days of your legal guardianship
  • Common-law spouses and step-children that have completed the cohabitation period (as defined by your contract, usually 12 months) must be added within 31 days of their eligibility date
  • Employees and/or their eligible dependents that waived health and/or dental due to other coverage that lose their other coverage must add the applicable benefits on your plan within 31 days of the other coverage termination date.
Late applicants: Any of the above listed items that miss the required deadline will be considered late applicants and will be required to provide medical evidence of insurability and as a result may be declined coverage.  Furthermore, approved late applicants may have reduced dental limits for the 1st 12 months of coverage. In the event the carrier allows an exception full back premiums will be required.
TIP! Have your employees complete their benefit enrollment form at the same time as their other employment documents.  This will help to prevent late applicants and help the employee realize benefits are a condition of their employment.  Remember under enrollment negatively impacts all the plan participants and puts the employer and employee at risk!


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Copperstone Holiday Schedule and Video Message

Please watch our Holiday video message!


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Benefits Fraud – It Impacts Your Plan!

I received an interesting email today from one of our valued partner clients.  They had received and email from the benefit plan insurance carrier advising them that the carrier is updating their standard wording for their group contracts in 2019.  Upon reviewing the amendments some of the wording changed was to impact the carriers ability to fight back against fraudulent claims.

Coincidentally,  CBC news posted an article today (Dec 19, 2018) regarding benefit plan fraud.  Benefit plan fraud costs both employers and employees substantial dollars every year.  Although the insurance carriers have been combating this issue for as long as I can remember, I don’t think many employers and employees are aware of this trend that is ultimately impacting all group plans.

Following is the link to the CBC news article as well as a link the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) that has launched an awareness and reporting campaign.

Please take a few minutes to review these links.  You may be quite surprised!


Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Danielle Reece, GBA

Copperstone Benefits Manager


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Preventing Benefit Service Disruptions During the Canada Post Strike – 2018

Following are some alternative options and procedures to ensure there are no disruptions in your benefit service during the Canada Post strike.


Online: Most insurance carriers are recommending employees submit claims online through the applicable carrier member website. Participants that are not currently signed up for online claims submission can contact our office and our team will be pleased to assist in the setup and submission process.   Please note your carrier may also have a mobile app.

Courier: Paper claims can be submitted through our insurance courier service.  Employees can drop claims by our office or we can arrange for bulk submissions. Please contact us to setup arrangements.

Fax / Email: Some carriers will allow claims to be submitted via email or fax; however specific procedures are required.  Please contact our team to review this option.


Carriers are encouraging participants to sign‐up for their direct deposit option.  We are happy to assist employees with this. Participants that do not wish to enroll in direct deposit will have their reimbursement cheques mailed once postal service resumes.


Please note that insurance premiums will be due on the standard due dates. Insurance carriers are recommending employers utilize their Pre‐Authorized Debit for delivery of your premiums.   Please contact our office for the required forms.   Alternatively, employers can drop premium cheques by the Copperstone office and we can forward payments via courier. Please note some carriers can be setup as an online bill payment.

Please contact our team for assistance. We can be reached at 902-538-9097 (TF: 1-800-363-3043) or  We are located at 212 Commercial St, Berwick NS, B0P 1E0 (Behind North Mountain Coffee).

It is our pleasure to be of service!

Please Click the following link for a PDF version of this Announcement.

Canada Post Strike – 2018

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